Agric Product training- Poultry & Livestock (English | Virtual)

Start: 2023-07-02
End: 2023-07-02
Course duration: 1 days (English | Virtual)

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Agriculture Insurance Underwriters, Head ofTechnical Operations, RiskInspectors and Reinsurance  Managers.

8 Accra, Ghana August (2 days) Agric Insurance stakeholder engagement (English | Physical)

The seminar aims at enhancing technical knowledge on Agricultural Index Insurance Agric. Underwriting

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Location Lagos, Nigeria
Course Date 2023-07-02
Duration 1 days (English | Virtual)

Target Audience

Agriculture Insurance Underwriters, Head ofTechnical Operations, Risk Inspectors and Reinsurance Managers.

8 Accra, Ghana August (2 days) Agric Insurance stakeholder engagement (English | Physical)

The seminar aims at enhancing technical knowledge on Agricultural Index Insurance Agric. Underwriting

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