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Closing date for applications: 2020-04-15

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The objective of this RFP is to solicit proposals from qualified Consultants to assist the ICT Department in implementing key processes of Information Technology Infrastructure Library ITIL. The assignment will cover among other things, an assessment of the environment, design and implementation of key processes. The goal is to take advantage of standard and defined processes and framework for efficient delivery of ICT operations and Strategy.

The ideal Consultants must have relevant experience in Information Technology Service Management using the ITIL Framework and processes. Relevant experience in the insurance/reinsurance and financial services industries will be an added advantage.

The objectives of this project include but are not limited to the following:

- Perform an assessment of Africa Re's existing technology environment and all the ongoing initiatives.

- Design the selected processes (Incident Management, Problem Management & Change Management) with the collaboration of business and ICT Department,

- Assist in the implementation and training of key stakeholders,

- Review the helpdesk solution and integrate the selected processes

The assignment should reflect the multinational regulatory and legal compliance of Africa Re’s presence across the continent. 


Established in 1976 by 36 member States of the African Union and the African Development Bank Group (AfDB), The African Reinsurance Corporation (AFRICA RE), the leading reinsurance company in Africa and the Middle East, is a pan-African financial institution whose shareholding is split between African (75%) and Non-African (25%) investors. African shareholding comprises 41 African states, the AfDB and more than 100 African insurance/reinsurance companies from the 41 member countries. Headquartered in Lagos (Nigeria), Africa Re has a continental network of regional and local offices in Lagos (Nigeria), Casablanca (Morocco), Nairobi (Kenya), Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire), Ebène (Mauritius), Cairo (Egypt) and Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) as well as two subsidiaries: Africa Re (South Africa) Ltd in Johannesburg and Africa Retakaful Ltd in Cairo (Egypt).

Insurance and Reinsurance companies worldwide are increasingly creating value by using digital tools and technology in a number of innovative ways.

However strong and reliable infrastructure and standardized operations using secure and best practices remain the foundation upon which new initiatives can be integrated. Information Technology Infrastructure Library, ITIL is defined as a framework with a set of best practices for delivering efficient IT support services. ITIL aims for resource optimization and reviews existing processes continuously for improvement. Consequently, project requires a significant breadth of technology expertise, hence the selected Consultant must demonstrate an ability to facilitate the internal discussions required to deliver the Corporation's technology vision and mission. He must also be knowledgeable about industry trends and possess the talent for presenting technically complex concepts in a simple, comprehensible way to all the stakeholders.


The scope of this first assignment is to efficiently implement three basic and key processes of ITIL and having in mind the connection with other related processes and prepare the ground for the next set of processes to be added upon. The proposed solution should be tailored to the Corporation’s environment and drive the expected benefits.

The selected Consultants will work in close partnership with all stakeholders of this project to:

 Review the current environment in relation with the business objectives and the industry trends

 Design selected processes:

o Incident management

o Problem management

o Change management.

 Review current helpdesk solution and assist in implementing the selected processes using the solution,

 Develop an administration guide and end user manual,

 Train process owners and end users,

 Deploy the solution

 Provide short term support.


The following outcomes are expected from the present project:

I. Policies & Procedures of the selected processes

(a.) Procedures

(b.) Diagrams and workflows

(c.) Service Level Agreement of ICT with business entities.

II. Implementation

(a.) Configuration of the selected processes

(b.) Assignment of roles and responsibilities

(c.) Test and validation of the solution

(d.) Documentation and sign off

III. Deployment & Training

(a.) Deployment of the selected processes

(b.) Training of stakeholders

(c.) Operational manuals and user guides


Proposals should be prepared simply, providing a straightforward, concise delineation of the approach and capabilities necessary to satisfy the requirements of the RFP.

Furthermore, all responses to this RFP will be evaluated and scored based on the following criteria:

• Understanding of the Corporation’s requirements

• Approach and methodology

• Implementation plan

• Team composition and tools to be used

• Cost

• Firm’s financial stability

• Quality and clarity of proposal presentation


In order to facilitate the analysis of responses to this RFP, firms are required to prepare their proposals in accordance with the instructions outlined in this section. Firms whose proposals deviate from these instructions may be considered non-responsive and may be disqualified at the discretion of the Corporation.

Proposals should be prepared as simply as possible and provide a straightforward, concise description of the firm's capabilities to satisfy the requirements of the RFP. Emphasis should be concentrated on accuracy, completeness, and clarity of content. All parts, pages, figures, and tables should be numbered and clearly labeled. The proposal should be organized into the following major sections:

Section -  Title

1.0 Executive Summary

2.0 Company Background

3.0 Approach and methodology

4.0 Client References

5.0 Cost Quotations

6.0 Financial Information

7.0 Resumes

6.1 Executive summary

This part of the response to the RFP should be limited to a brief narrative highlighting the firm's proposal. The summary should contain as little technical details as possible, and should be oriented towards non-technical personnel. The Executive Summary should not include cost quotations.

6.2 Company background

Firms must provide the following information about their company so that Africa Re can evaluate the firm’s stability and ability to support the commitments set forth in response to the RFP. Africa Re, may require a firm to provide additional documentation to support and/or clarify requested information.

The firm must outline the company's background, including:

· Length of time the company has been in business

· A brief description of the company

· Company size and organization

6.3 Approach and methodology

The firm must provide a detailed overview of the approach and methodology to be used in carrying out the assignment. This information must include:

· Methodology of the review and implementation plan

· Estimated timeframe and deliverables for each stage of the due diligence.

6.4 Client references

Firms must provide at least three client references similar in size and complexity to Africa Re that have conducted a similar exercise in a comparable computing environment. Information should include at the minimum:

· Contact person

· Title

· Address

· Companies

· List of similar assignments carried out within the past 5 years

6.5 Cost quotations

The firm's cost quotations must be itemized following the phases of the review.

6.6 Financial information

The firm's financial information should be included in this section. Financial information must include audited financial information for the past three years.

6.7 Resumes

The firm must make every effort to select staff for the project based on the client's needs. Applicable resumes should be included in this section.


No.- Requirement - Firm Response

a) How long has company been in business?

b) How long has the company been in business carrying out such implementation of ITIL Framework

c) State number of employees in the company.

d) State number of employees that will be dedicated to this assignment

e) Project completion dates and rates


Firms may request for clarification only up to 7 days before proposal submission date. Any request for clarification must be sent in writing by letter or Email to the Corporation's address indicated below. The Corporation will respond by letter or Email to such requests and will send written copies of the response (including an explanation of the query but without identifying the source of the inquiry) to all firms who intend to submit proposals.

Contact for clarification:



The Proposals, which must be duplicate copies sealed in an envelope, must be delivered to the submission address indicated below and received by Africa Re not later than 15th April 2020. Electronic copy can also be submitted to the email address below. Any proposal received by Africa Re after the deadline for submission shall be rejected.

Submission Address:

The Chairman of the Tenders Committee

African Reinsurance Corporation

Plot 1679 Karimu Kotun Street

Victoria Island PMB 12765 Lagos, Nigeria


Yours Sincerely


Mr. Ken Aghoghovbia

Deputy Managing Director / COO