Awards categories:

1. COMPANY OF THE YEAR: this prize is open to all insurance companies registered in Africa and focuses on performance in the last two years.

2. CEO OF THE YEAR: this special award is given to the CEO of an insurance company who has made an outstanding contribution over the past 12 months or more, either through the advancement of his/her company or the insurance industry in Africa.

3. INNOVATION OF THE YEAR: this prize is awarded to an insurance company for the best use of technology, for launching a breakthrough product / service or a new and innovative distribution channel or method.

4. INSURTECH INITIATIVE OF THE YEAR: this prize targets non-insurers that are collaborating with insurers to improve customer service delivery, product development and overall innovation in the insurance value chain. For this category, the awards will provide a platform for the winner to meet the insurance industry.

Cash prizes, plaques and certificates will be awarded to winners. 

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